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Partner Programs
We offer several trusted partner programs to our clients. We love these tools and offer a special rate to our clients based on our relationships. If you make a purchase through us, we may receive compensation, such as a commission, at no extra cost to you.

Let us know if you're interested in one of these programs, and we can connect you or provide a link! 
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HubSpot is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses with inbound marketing, sales, customer service, and operations. It includes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, which helps manage contacts, sales, pipelines, digital marketing, and lead nurturing. We offer HubSpot as an affiliate user and pass on a discount to our partners through our website. 


Awesome People Leaders combines neuroscience, emotional intelligence, inclusion & belonging, and healthy workplace behaviors. It is a mobile manager training experience of micro-lessons with practical application, resources and tools, and support of experienced business team leaders. We offer APL as an affiliate partner and pass on a discount to our partners through our website. 

Awesome People Leaders


OrgDesign Navigator


Organization Design is the work that helps you navigate the current environment and be ready for what’s ahead. When you are navigating changes in business needs or practices, you’ll want to ensure you are supporting the strategic direction of the organization through the design. The OrgDesign Navigator™ program will help you learn to design for the evolving needs of your business using a strategic and people-centered approach.

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