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About Lift Bridge Strategy

Lift Bridge Strategy™ was started by Angela Christman, a former senior leader focused on helping companies grow through modern, common-sense approaches to getting and retaining people. She started her career co-leading HR for a small social services company and later spent 15 years leading teams for two great brands, Walmart and Marvin. Angela understands how work gets done in small companies, Fortune One, and somewhere in-between. She is known for being thoughtful and collaborative, thinking outside of the silo of the traditional HR function to understand and make an impact in the broader business. 

Our Values

Be Human

People are at the center. We empathize in everything we do and recognize there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to people. We value differences and seek new perspectives.

Keep it Real

We offer a unique blend of creativity and pragmatism. We tell it like it is, kindly. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Some might even say we’re fun.


We are curious and creative. We seek to learn and understand, always wanting to know more. We take the right risks so that we can grow and help others do the same.

Believe in What Will Be

We are optimistic and see what’s possible in every situation.

Purpose is the Guide

We make decisions and provide guidance and advice in the context of mission, values and common sense. If there’s a policy, it should be grounded in those.

Keys to Success


Think Marketing, not HR. Talent is the customer, the workplace is the product, and this is very much a market. 


There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to people. Everyone has different backgrounds, needs and expectations. Many policies can be thrown out the window. Remember, the talent is our customer.


Flexibility is key and not just where someone sits when they work or how much time off they take. Decisions should be guided by a set of values and common sense. We must lead with empathy and challenge assumptions. When challenging situations arise, we can't hide behind policy or default to what we've done in the past.


Performance is defined by clear expectations, outcomes and the behaviors to achieve those outcomes. It isn't about time in seat, physical presence or tenure. It also isn't about having everyone repeatedly enter and update KPIs in a system.


Experience comes before process, at every phase from recruiting and hiring, to exit. Don't worry, process is still important, but treating problems through the lens of the experience we're providing in the market will generally produce the best outcome. 


Leadership is critical. In order to achieve all of the above, leaders have to really care about people and be able to operate in ambiguity, without forcing an outcome based on a flawed process. They need to trust and be trusted. We can't let jerks lead people.

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